Do you think that Yogi Adityanath is the worst CM in Indian History till now?


Yogi Aditya Nath is the current chief minister of Indian state Uttar Pradesh since 19th March 2017. He is known for his hate speeches against Muslims and also known as Hindu Nationalist politician and is very popular among Hindu youths. After becoming UP CM, he is trying to change his image from hardcore Hindu politician to Good ruler by doing many development activities across the whole state. So it’s a complete myth that he is worthless CM or CM of Majority Hindus.

Here is some data to prove that Yogi is doing fairly well for Uttar Pradesh: –

  1. Power Supply: In last one-year power supply among cities has been significantly improved and the villagers also get electricity on time for cultivation and irrigation purposes.Source Image: Localcircles
  2. Jobs and livelihoods opportunity: Out of 4675 samples, 21% said there was a significant improvement, 46% said there was some improvement and 33% said there was no progress.
  3. Ease of Doing business: Out of 4783 samples,58% said there is some improvement compared to last year and 16% said there is a significant improvement. 21% said there is no improvement and 5% said it has become worse. Recently there is the largest plant setup for cellphone making in greater Noida by Samsung, from this 15000 People will get a job instantly. 
  4. Crime against women: There have been some cases reported in last few months due to vigilance by Media and social media but if we look at overall one year of tenure I can say that there has been a reduction in crime against women. Also, the law and order situation has been improved significantly. Anti-Romeo squads set up in 11 districts of the Lucknow zone and other zones also to prevent girls from eve-teasing. They are genuinely preventing eve-teasing and not invading personal space as reported by media. And couples who create nuisance in public places will not be spared. OYO rooms allow couples with local ID’s use that do not cause public inconvenience.
  5. Farm loans worth Rs 36,359 crore waived. It was a necessity as UP had faced drought for the last two crop seasons. As a farmer, it was a great relief and we were compensated for our losses as well.
  6. Crackdown ordered on illegal slaughterhouses and meat shops. Remember banning illegal slaughterhouses has nothing to do with religion
  7. Ban on cow smuggling, police officers told to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards those involved in such trade. There has been no effect on leather industry though.
  8. Ministers told to stop using red beacons atop vehicles. The VIP culture in UP has taken a nosedive.
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