Want to put art for sale? Read these tips!


Being an artist, you know literally how to swing your imagination on canvas using colours, patterns, and aesthetic strokes of a brush. You know how to touch the heart of your audience and how to express your theme effortlessly. All that is sorted. But what about selling your artwork? Do you have a strategic plan to put your art on sale? Or are you planning to go random? Well, the second alternative doesn’t work so well.

The art world is on the peak with digitalisation now penetrating the sector empowering people to reach paintings and artists much easily. You can sit in Spain and can sell your work to an Indian art collector without any hassle.

So, to match your artistic competency with the expected return, it is significant that you put up your art on sale considering few tips. Let’s take a look:

1.    Talk to your audience

When you showcase your art in a brick & mortar gallery or exhibition, the audience that arrives there is highly filtered. You just do not require to seek relatable audience because everyone there loves art.

These people who visit art exhibitions and conventions are quite open to discussions in an expectation to get an exhaustive understanding of the painting. As an artist, you can create an amiable environment for the audience to observe and discuss the paintings. Make sure you are smiling and all engaging so that none of the art aficionados feel awkward approaching you.

Pro tip: Don’t overdo by being too pushy. Read the signs and use your instinct. Engage only with people who are genuinely intrigued to know about you or your artwork.

2.    Identify what captivates the mind of the audience

As an artist, you require to know the USP of your work before you put an art for sale. You should understand what is that one aspect or few factors that interest most of your fans. People do not just like a painting randomly, instead, there are certain elements that play a crucial role in influencing an art lover.

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Assess whether the colour combinations of your work were too vivacious or art the brush strokes and designs entices the attention or does the artwork reminds your audience of some old memories like a vacation or a special day.

The more you get deeper into their thoughts and taste, higher becomes the chance of your artwork scoring a sale.

Always remember, when an artist communicates persuasively with an art lover, latter appreciate the gesture. But, when you listen keenly about art aficionados’ interest and imagination, it leaves an impressionable image of your brand as an artist.

Having an enthralling and in-depth discussion can draw more crowd for your work. Create an emotional experience associated with the artwork; people just love it.

3.    Find the purpose of purchase

If you want to put art for sale, you require the talent to dig and pull out the audience’s thoughts on the purchase. Some art lover finds your painting excellent and wants to purchase it right away. Of course, your work is sold because of all the hardwork and inventive methods you used to craft such exquisite pieces. But, being a bit rational here would bring a better scope for you as an artist.

For instance, if the room or the wall space your client wants to hang the painting is too small or big relative to the artwork then you should discuss it. A true artist not just focuses on selling the artwork but also looks to provide that sense of joy and contentment to his/her clients.

If the particular piece doesn’t fit the requirements of clients, exhibit them your other paintings through a portfolio. It doesn’t matter if the artwork is sold or not but showing empathy and genuineness always puts a positive impact on the potential clients. Your market repute is supposed to take a hike straightaway.

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4.      Engross yourself

Selling your art is nothing different from a B2B sales deal. In both the cases, you require an extremely high level of engagement with your potential customers. One thing that distinguishes art from a B2B sale is the emotional connect.

While you are there to sell your art, try to be more responsive to the things your clients are saying. Be intriguing about their interests and tastes. Sometimes, the best of elements for your art you can be picked to expand the scope of your work by listening to others. There will be several art lovers and everyone will perceive your work with totally contrasting perceptions.

Be open-minded to include fresh ideas and thoughts.

Pro tip: Some of the art lovers will be brutal and critical on your face, right away. Try to resonate their negative feedback to make your artwork more enhanced. Also, this is a great way to pluck insightful perspective of your work.

Next time you are looking to put art for sale, recollect these tips and have an amazing exhibition. All the best. Thanks!