Tips for Artists: 3 Things to do before your first art exhibition

Paintings for sale

It’s an artist’s dream to showcase his/her work in front of a creamy audience in a fancy gallery. If you are an artist, you can feel what I am saying here, right?

The feeling when you see your name below the advertisement “original paintings for sale” is just ecstatic. There is no emotion that can match the blissful feeling of having your first art exhibition.

But, there is a catch! You simply do not want to waste this golden opportunity by doing some blunder.

Hence, I am putting up some useful tips that can help you when you are about to hold the very first art exhibition of your paintings.

1.    Make your resume

It may sound typical to you but it is not as it sounds like. Yes, every artist needs a resume before he/she holds his/her very first art exhibition.

Your resume won’t be holding any typical information of conventional resumes such as name, address, qualification, date of birth, and so on.

An art resume typically consists of the accolades and the honours you got as an artist. Though an artist’s resume also exhibits what previous art shows participated or hosted, but since it will be your first exhibition, you can skip this part.

Apart from this, if ever your work or name has been incorporated in an article, write-up or blog, make sure to include that information. Also, if any awards or recognition you acquired during your artistic career, that detail should also be jotted down.

The key aspect is to keep your resume simple as it indicates that you are letting your art speak for yourself, which is a sign of a great artist.

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Along with this, it is always appreciated by the art lovers if you include your inspiration’s story in a brief.

2.    The statement

This perhaps is the most intriguing factor when you are holding your first exhibition.

Imagine there are 100 or odd people standing in front of you and behind them you can see the signboard saying “original paintings for sale”. Above all this, you are required to give your statement.

Those who don’t know, an artist statement is simply a brief about your work. You can open the statement by saying what you inspired you to craft the artworks and what sort of techniques are used.

All this should be told in not more than two-three lines.

No matter how hard you try, a perfect artist statement doesn’t exist. There is no artist in this world who gets content by his statement.

So, my advice is to go easy on yourself. Do not panic or get petrified with the idea of talking about your artwork. After all, no one gets it right the first time.

You can always take the help of someone else to scribble down the artist statement for you. And, it is perfectly ok to do this.

If you have ever visited an art gallery, you would witness that quite a few critics, historians, and fellow artists have penned down the work of the artists who showcase their work.

The main point to remember is to keep your artist statement sweet, short and honest. The genuinity of the artist statement is highly appreciated.

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If you are creating a statement that’s too flowery and creative, get ready to see an exodus of the audience from you.

In addition to this, it will also be helpful if you explore other artist’s statement to get a highlight of how others approach it.

You can always explore the internet for the same.

3.    Frames

As an artist, the worst experience you can have is when someone looks at your painting and complements you about the frame you choose.

I mean, common, people should look at your painting, not the frame.

So, my advice is to always select a frame that doesn’t take away the spotlight from the painting you worked so hard on.

Unnecessarily fancy and vivaciously designed frames are of no use, trust me.

A simple and elegant frame would be enough.

There are instances when the greats of art world decided to craft their own frames displaying their in-depth connection with the artistry.