Science behind digital, airless or self-inflated tyres


To believe tyres are nothing more than just air-inflated rubber doughnuts is most unwise as you’ve probably sidestepped tremendous trends storming the tyre industry. Car tyre brands have never been more focused on safety, performance and design driven by constant and disruptive climate change and technology. Experts cast light on inspiring innovations that may yet mark the golden standard of tyre industry in near future.

Revolution comes to pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres aren’t something out of the ordinary! They’ve been around for almost a 100 years and has advanced to deliver the promise from world’s leading car tyre brands. The trick is making the tyres more sophisticated from technological perspective thereby achieving the purpose they’re made for. Pneumatic tyres aren’t going anywhere anytime soon due to constant attempt in keeping them upgraded especially experiments with airless tyres.

Digital tyres: An ace move by Pirelli

Tyre industry giant, none other than Pirelli has upgraded the rubber compound as well as made the tyres more adjustable in terms of driving habits and the type of terrain. This is done through the digital sensors linked with transport’s engine control mechanism and traction system.

The innovation allow grip to optimise power and tests have already been performed on Ferrari FXX-K hyper car. It’s possible the technology will find its way into normal transports for overall improved driving experience.

At Michelin where old tyres are still the best

With leading car tyre brands, the French tyre industry giant; Michelin is experimenting on self-evolving grip tyres as they age. They’ve termed the technology as “EverGrip” that’ll change your belief on worn tyres.

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The manufacturers invented a way allowing water to scatter and escape from beneath the tyres using grooves. These grooves expands as tyre tread wears and slices, producing teardrop-size holes that compensates to the tread wear.

Unlike Pirelli’s digital tyres, the EverGrip technology is mature enough to be introduced in different tyres.

Self-inflating tyres

Self-inflating tyres are already being used in military transports and heavy vehicles. The concept is pretty much expected to step in usual cars courtesy of genius minds behind the technology. Self-inflating tyres are able to measure their own pressure, inflate and deflate automatically which is pretty neat. It saves your tyre from premature wear, extend the lifecycle which is a true temptation for those earning bread and butter through tyres.

Air-free tyre technology resurfaced

The conventional air-filled tyres that experience permanent damage or deep puncture are likely to end up in scrap waste. Michelin in 2005 experimented with “Tweel” that were air-free tyres with many benefits. This particular tyre is made of flexible polyurethane rods, a tread and solid nave with perfect resistance to aquaplaning, incredible side strength and totally puncture-less.

Car tyre brands to display air-free tyres claim air-less wheels have three-times greater lifecycle. The only drawback is uncontrollable vibration at higher speed due to friction on which engineers are already working so expect perfection anytime soon.


Tyre industry experienced major innovation and more is yet to come in near future so be prepared for the best.