Narendra Modi is the best PM, Indira and Vajpayee is on the fight : According to Survey

narendra modi best pm

About six months are left in the forthcoming LokSabha elections, 2019 and all political parties are doing their best in competing with Modi Government. Which party will win in the elections and who will be the next prime minister of India that will be revealed after election results but at present, Narendra Modi is the country’s first choice as Prime Minister. According to India Today‚Äôs Survey Mood of the Nation July 2018 Poll (MOTN, July 2018), the Congress-led UPA is going to fail to take the crown of Delhi from Narendra Modi.

Modi Government will keep ruling India after 2019 elections

As per the survey, there will be a strong possibility that Narendra Modi will again become the PM of the country but BJP does not seem to win big wins like 2014 due to the strong opposition coalition. According to the survey, BJP can get 30 percent, Congress 23 percent and others account for 47 percent of the maximum votes. This survey was conducted in 97 parliamentary constituencies and 12,100 people of 197 assembly constituencies. The survey was conducted between 18 July 2018 and 29 July 2018.

Speaking of seats, in this survey, BJP does not seem to get a full majority in the next Lok Sabha election like 2014. This time BJP is getting 245 seats compared to 282 seats in 2014. At the same time, Congress is expected to get 82 and others 215 seats.

Who is the best PM?

Compared to all the Prime Ministers of the country, the public has described Narendra Modi as the best PM. According to the survey, 26 percent believe that Modi is the best Prime Minister. At the same time, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is considered the best PM by 20 percent. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the best prime minister for 12 percent of the people. The country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, 10 percent, Rajiv Gandhi 7 percent and Manmohan Singh 6 percent people have declared the best Prime Minister.

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Who is the prime minister’s choice?

Among the current leaders of the country, Narendra Modi is the first choice for the post of Prime Minister and 49 percent of the people considered Modi as the best leader for the post of Prime Minister. At the same time, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is just 27 percent of those who believe in better for the post of Prime Minister. In this list, the name of West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC chief Mamta Banerjee is also known as 3% people who have said better for the post of PM.