Interval training using weights and cardio

treadmill running

Interval training, which incorporates cardiovascular and weight training exercises, typically refers to the training circuit. Cardiac exercises in a circuit maintain your heart rate and burn calories, while weight training exercises work hard and develop muscle definition. Circuit training allows you to work on both your aerobic and anaerobic systems.


Combining cardio and strength training produces a series of benefits. Maintaining your heart rate through cardio exercises burns a lot of calories and improves your aerobic capacity. Your level of fitness improves and, over time, will allow you to perform more intense interval routines for longer. Strength training exercises ensure that your muscle development does not go any other way. Your body benefits from both strength building and aerobic capacity. Finally, circuit training is a good way to combat boredom in the gym. The various exercises keep your training interesting and fun.


The purpose of interval or circuit training is to effectively perform strength training and aerobic exercises in rapid succession. Rest time between exercises, if any, should be very short, 30 seconds maximum. If you rest more than this, you run the risk of sacrificing the aerobic advantage you have gained by allowing your FC to decrease. In order not to try too hard during your workout, you must maintain the amount of weight you use for low strength training exercises and high repetitions. Generally, only one or two series are made before moving on to the next exercise.

Types of exercises

One aspect of circuit training that is attractive to many is that a workout can be organized and adapted to their own fitness needs. You can incorporate practically any type of exercise into your routine, as long as both strength and cardio training exercises are involved. Strength training can be concentrated only in the upper or lower part of the body, or both. The important thing is to keep the cardio exercises prevalent throughout the circuit. Start with exercises that increase your heart rate, such as push-ups or pull-ups. Every fourth exercise you must do cardiovascular activity.

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Example routine

Start with the bench press, using light weights and maximum repetitions, or push-ups for one minute. Then, perform squats for one minute. Then, lift and lower weight with your arms (pull-ups and pull-downs) for one minute, before pedaling on a stationary bike or running on the treadmill for three minutes. Perform the military press (military press) for one minute, then leg lunges (lunges) for one minute and bicep curls for one minute. Bike or run again for three minutes. Now, move to the triceps and leg extensions, doing each one for one minute, and leg curls for one minute. It ends with two minutes of sit-ups and two minutes of sit-ups with the lower back on the floor (crunches). Then stretch and cool. If one circuit is not enough, repeat the circuit. Two circuits require approximately 40 minutes to complete.

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