How to Refill Your E-Cigarette???


All refillable cartomizers and Smileomizers need e-fluid in order to work. Some come empty, and others already have e-fluid inside them. The advantages to filling e-cigs yourself are that you can combine flavors and save money. There is a wide range of filling techniques. Some e-fluid bottles have eye droppers attached to the inside of the top which makes it really easy to fill your Smileomizer (our signature cartomizer). Simply draw up e-fluid into the dropper and release into the poly filling. Another method of filling is to use a syringe. This makes filling faster and more accurate. You can see exactly how much vaping e-fluid you will include. It’s likewise easier to get inside the polyfill.


Vapor4Life created the signature Smileomizer, which is like a regular truck on steroids. Smileomizers comes in two sizes €” the little holds 3.5ml of e-fluid, and the large holds 6ml. Its mouthpiece is delicate and chewy and comes off to reveal white polyfill, much the same as a cartomizer. All Smileomizers come clear and should be filled with e-fluid. You fill and refill Smileomizers like regular vaping trucks.

Note: Place your Smileomizer upright over a napkin or a couple tissues.

  1. Draw off the delicate mouthpiece, unscrew the tip, and dribble about 70-90 drops (approximately 120-150 for Large) against the side of the Smileomizer into the white filler material. Work your way around in a circle, squirting e juice until the point when it tops off just beneath the center hole. Try not to put e juice in the center hole of your Smileomizer, since this is the air intake. Sit tight for all the fluid to splash into the polyfill and afterward repeat until the point that you see e juice leaking out of the base of your Smileomizer.
  2. Let sit for 5 minutes. On the off chance that the polyfill isn’t saturated, repeat this process. Replace the dribble tip and mouthpiece, screw onto a battery and you’re ready to begin vaping.
  3. Once you experience an absence of vapor generation or flavor, the time has come to refill the Smileomizer.
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Cartomizers or “trucks” or “cartos” come as either prefilled e-cig cartridges or clear cartomizers. Often people use these until the point when they come up short on e-fluid and afterward hurl them. Others refill them until the point when they begin to taste a little off. Clear cartomizers come empty with no e fluid. You have to fill them before utilizing them. To fill/refill a cartomizer, take after these directions:

  1. Use a thumbtack to carefully remove the little white plate by staying the tack into the little hole and hauling out to one side.
  2. Hold truck at a 45-degree angle. Dribble 5 e-fluid drops into inside mass of the truck, pivoting truck after each trickle for an even fill. Repeat after e-fluid is soaked into the white filling. Vaping cartomizers can hold 20 €” 30 drops.
  3. Replace little white plate onto the truck and set on an even surface for 10 minutes. The truck is currently ready to join to your e-cig battery for vaping. In the event that e-fluid comes out while vaping, the truck has been overfilled. Remove the cartomizer from the battery and blow excess e-fluid through the base of the truck onto a paper towel.

The Taryn turn is a well-known technique used to fill cartomizers. This method maximizes the measure of e-fluid with which you can fill your cartomizers, regardless of which method you choose to use. After filling your cartomizer, place it (with the battery end down) into any sort of sack or holder (cords work great for this), and turn it. The centrifugal force will force the e-fluid to the battery end, leaving space for even more e-fluid.

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The cartomizer condom filling method is one of the easiest approaches to refill a cartomizer. Simply fill one of the cartomizer condoms (the rubber tops that come with your cartomizers) about mostly full with your vaping e-fluid. Then, just push the cartomizer down into the rubber top. This will force the e-fluid up and into the cartomizer, filling your e-cig cartomizer!


Well known with Vape mod users, tanks come in a few different sizes and hold the vaping e-fluid in a customizer surrounded by an acrylic or glass tube. Because of this, they hold more e-fluid than a carto alone. Another nice feature is that it’s easy to see when you need to refill it since the tank is clear. Tanks dependably come empty and should be filled with e-fluid before use. You can use a tank with a crate mod or a stick battery. Now there are so many Vape and E-Juice online Store are available. To fill a Vapor4Life e-cig tank:

  1. Draw the cartomizer through the base of the tank 1/2 inch. You should see a little hole between the highest point of the tank and the clear acrylic side of the tank.
  2. Tilt the tank marginally and fill directly into the cartomizer until the point that it overflows. Then completely fill the tank encompassing the cartomizer.
  3. After filling, push cartomizer back up inside the tank. Put your trickle tip on the cartomizer and get Vaping. When the space between the cartomizer and the mass of the tank is dry, it’s time to refill the tank.
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When filling and refilling Vape mod tanks, you should simply trickle e juice directly into the tank until the point when it reaches the fill line, if there is one. Most Vape mod tanks are top fill, yet some are base fill tanks.

eGo Mega Cartomizers

eGo Mega cartos are really enormous cartomizers (in this manner the name €˜mega’). They hold 5 times as much vaping e-fluid as regular trucks. eGo Mega Carts are made specifically for eGo batts and aren’t compatible with some other batteries. eGo Mega Carts come clear and should be filled with e-fluid before utilizing. Take after these guidelines on filling:

  1. Remove the dark tip exposing the white polyfill material.
  2. Hold truck at a 45-degree angle. Trickle e-fluid into the filling on the inside mass of the truck, turning truck after each dribble for an even fill. Repeat after Vaping e-fluid is absorbed into the white filling. One truck holds 125 drops.
  3. Replace dark tip and let the truck sit on a level surface for 10 minutes.

Regardless of whether you use a Smileomizer, cartomizer, or tank, the most imperative thing to remember is to dependably keep it wet. In the event that there’s not enough Vaping e-fluid to produce vapor, it will consume and taste terrible! Another thing to keep as the main priority is that Vaping trucks and tanks can be filled commonly before needing to be replaced. Reusing them lowers the cost of your Vaping.