How to handle customer feedbacks?


Customer feedbacks are an integral part of customer support. It is quintessential for a company to keep getting insights on how the existing customers feel about the product. After all who is the best person to know the quality of the product you are selling than the individuals using it?

However, almost every international and Indian call center face a hard time figuring out how they should be taking feedbacks as the feedback can be negative and positive both.

So, let take a look at this blog to know the same.

  • Share feedback with agents-

The agents should know the feedback. The feedback will reflect whether a particular customer is not satisfied with the support it received or the product only. This will help each agent in improving their performance as they will know what they lack in.

  • Keep the survey simple-

The survey should be simple. The more complex the question, the less will be the replies received. Also, the question should be close-ended and even if you are including the open-ended question, they should be optional to answer. This will make you get more and more replies to the survey. Try to include less and less of questions.

  • Apologize if you get negative feedback-

You will find many negative feedbacks just like the positive ones. So, no International or reputed Indian call center should forget to say sorry for their mistake. The agents should also never repeat that same mistake again.

  • Offer a solution- 

If a problem has not been solved then the agent should call, apologize and then offer the best solution. This helps in making the customer change their mind and stick to your brand.

  • Use cumulative data-
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Many times you will observe that the feedback you have received is negative in a particular aspect only and not wholly. So, you should separate such data cumulatively. This will help you in decreasing the amount of negative feedback to a large extent. Also, observe the data carefully so that you don’t make big changes on the basis of a small share of negative feedback.

  • Categorize the mails-

If an Indian call center finds a lot of difficulty in tackling the mails, it should categorize. Feedback to every question should be put in a particular rack. This will reduce the time taken to handle the feedback.

  • Send a thank-you mail-

Everyone loves acknowledgment of his or her efforts. What are the customers getting by sending you a feedback? In fact, many of them would have achieved or deleted the mail straight away. So, it is always a good practice to send a thank-you mail to the respondents. A small gesture like sending a thank you mail can make a big difference.


Use all the aforementioned techniques to understand the customers in a better way so that you don’t lose them. Keeping them happy will make your business happy too as they will surely recommend your company’s products to their knowns.

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