Children of the Indian Army Personnel reached Human Rights Commission and asked why love with stone pelters and tyranny with soldiers


Continuous and furious stone-throwing incidents in Jammu and Kashmir are a cause for a headache for both Indian government and local administration. Due to these incidents, where the situation has been set in front of the soldiers, the family of the soldiers has also jumped into the controversy.

The children of soldiers now approached the National Human Rights Commission because being disturbed by the incidents of FIR lodged on the soldiers, their children have demanded protection of human rights of army personnel by knocking the NHRC door. These children have asked why the love of stones is being shown, while atrocities are being done against the soldiers.

The children wrote to the NHRC and said that the human rights of the soldiers are constantly being violated in the valley while there is no one to hear them. These children are Preeti, Kajal and two children of influence are a military officer while one child belongs to a soldier’s army.

The children wrote to the NHRC and said that the state government in Jammu and Kashmir is supporting them only by standing in favor of stone makers, while the lives of the soldiers are always a threat to the goods. Along with the people of the valley, the government remains an enemy of soldiers’ lives.

The knocking of the Human Rights Commission for the protection of the human rights of the children of the soldiers of their families clearly demonstrates how many of our soldiers are working in the opposite conditions in the valley, while the rocky love of the state government is not only for the country but also to the valley. There is also a serious problem for the country’s soldiers. It is to see that the Human Rights Commission takes action on the complaints of the children of the soldiers.

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