Budget-Friendly And Unique Home Renovating Ideas

Kitchen Design

Renovating your home is likely to be one of the most rewarding and expensive jobs you ever undertake. However, your bathroom and kitchen are the most important rooms in the house and should be a most-common place of relaxation, tranquillity, and comfort. If you thinking about renovating these important places of the house but are worried about the costs and their potentially getting out of hand, below are the given some of the budget-friendly ideas and tips that help you in home and kitchen designer St Neots:

Storage is the key

There is nothing more pleasing and comforting than cooking in to neatly arranged and organized kitchen. The kitchen is the only place in a home that needs lots of space storage to accommodate everything. Utensils with compartmentalized storage, as well as shelves and drawers along with modular kitchen fitters St Neots, those are easy to organized kitchen essentials and not overly expensive. Apart from, movable storage such as kitchen trolleys also offer the great way to hide things away and you can even put this utility in the room when not in use.

Fitting and Fixtures

Kitchen fixtures and bathroom fitters St Neots are one of the cheapest things you can change in your both kitchen and bathroom and add a lot of value and character. Matte black and Chrome are the classic fixture choices, or something more modern, you can with brass or copper.

Color scheme

This is one of the biggest areas, where generally people make mistakes. Well, when it comes to making small kitchen or room appear bigger, you should avoid using darker colors as much as possible. Moreover, creating a light color and accent wall can also help you make the room or kitchen size appear more spacious. The predominately light nature of your room coupled with some dashes of duller or darker shades here and there can create a great effect which will make it appear more spacious.

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Make it well Lit

Mostly old house has a single or dim ceiling light especially in kitchen and bathrooms that don’t really make you feel at home. Adding some natural mood lightings whether it’s trendy pendant lights, ceiling lights which can allow you to set your upset mood into a good even in the bathroom. You can easily pick up cheap and trendy light which comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and are easily available near your home improvement stores.

Feature walls

If you find the walls of your house is fully cracked or dirty, in such conditions, one of the best quickest and cheapest to turn your wall into a feature wall. You can re-grout the tiles again in order to give new look. The best part is you can do it easily by spending a little money and it can be completed in a couple of hours.

Revamp the furniture

There is nothing quite like changing your old furniture when it comes to giving a new look to your home. When you plan to do so, your priority should be functionality. Hence, beds, sofa, and cupboards should high on demand in the list of furniture. If you want to give an aesthetic appeal, we advise you to look for some stellar piece of chests, center tables and organizers. Thanks to a wide variety of modular woodworks available today, you can opt for texture and tone that does complete justice for your new home renovation.


We hope that you now have some excellent ideas to get started with your home improvement project. However, let us warn you, not all of these ideas are easy on the pocket. In fact, some of them may need you to spend hefty amounts of money. So, what are you waiting for? Kick-start your home renovation project today, and give your kitchen a new look with professional kitchen designers St Neots.

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Author Bio: Jila is a freelance writer kitchen designer St Neots Company. She has an active interest in kitchen and bathroom fitters St Neots and has written various articles and blogs on the same.